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Why B2B and B2C Architecture Firms Need Online Directories
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  • May 24th, 2021

Why B2B and B2C Architecture Firms Need Online Directories

Registering or listing your architectural company with an online directory is a must for B2B or B2C firms. However, keep in mind that if you plan to list your architecture and designer firm in an online directory, it is always best advised to choose a niche directory. An online niche directory or register like that of the Architects and Design Register are built for listing architecture and designer firms exclusively. These niche based directories help potential clients and customers in narrowing down their search based on the required niche. These niche based directories are great at filtering out the customers and clients and in generating the required leads.

As the time flies, more and more customers and clients are becoming tech savvy. Thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic that shook the entire world, technology has reached every crux of society. While the pandemic has created great misfortunes and difficulties to all of us, it is undeniable that clients today seek greater technological comfort from within their homes. Therefore, as Google is developing its AI to further strengthen its algorithm, industrial hubs and firms alike have to keep up their pace by making themselves visible in the world of the internet. However, there are several nuances that has to be kept in mind to make your business successful today.

  • Clients can reach out to you easily

There are probably thousands of architectural firms and designer houses in your area or city. Even if you have developed a user-friendly and fancy website, it wouldn’t cost you much to add another feather to your hat. By this we mean registering your firm with an online niche directory. This will make you more visible to your clients.

  • A boon for your SEO

By now, it is a well-established fact that listing your website with niche based directories like the Architects and Design Register, will increase your SEO and SERP ranking. A niche based directory helps you create more backlinks and you can link your social media accounts there.

  • Filters your leads

While your business may be very flourishing or profitable with many client calls, not every client is desirable to you. Online niche based directories and registers can come handy here. They provide you an option to write a description of your firm and here, you can mention your needs and specifications. They also help you communicate with your client or the potential ones and you get to know who you wish to engage with.

  • It costs you less or nothing

Many online niche based directories and registers are free of cost or very cheap. Therefore, when you have to invest nothing but a small amount of your time in return of huge benefits, why not get done with your firm’s listing?


The Architects and Design Register, an online niche based directory providing free listing for architects and designers and their businesses is such a directory that provides free of cost services. It promises to increase your leads and your SEO. You may check out the services that they offer to know more.