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About Us

The Architects and Design Register: UK’s top architectural design online directory!

The Architects and Design Register is one of the best UK’s directories to find local and national architects. If you are a person looking for domestic architectural designs or an entrepreneur looking to decorate your home space with suitable architectural designs, then The Architects and Design Register is the perfect place for you. With thousands of free listings and over 40+ online directories, we have the best understanding of architectural design in the UK and an industry experience to fulfill the needs of customers and businesses across the country.

This has enabled us to optimize our platform to meet the requirements of both parties in the most appropriate way. Over the years of our operation, we have optimized our search console and parameters and all kinds of architectural design in the UK to ensure that the best interests of both architects and designers and their potential customers. The Architects and Design Register include dedicated, dynamic, and unique architects in the UK. Our key interest is to set up and develop from an architectural and planning consultancy background. Not only do we focus on the highly specialized and fast-paced world of the commercial interior but we are unique in being able to maximize the economic potential of any site with a complete architectural package, from remodeling right through to major residential and commercial development.

Whether you are a business looking for customers, or an individual looking for architectural design in the UK, we have the perfect solution for both. If you have a business in the field of architectural design or an individual looking for architects in the UK, we can connect you and make you visible to several people who search for the services and provide the same through our website. As soon as they search for relevant services, our search filter will display your business based on their location preference and their specific requirements. This will help you connect with potential customers in your region or anywhere across the UK.

We have been specializing in the field and we have been chosen by architects all throughout the country for our niche directory, top class customer support as well as excellent search optimization that leads to a higher rate of conversion. Here are some of the Architectural designs services that the architects and design register caters to:

Franchise Design: We have a huge number of architects and designers listing who are experienced in providing their own detailed design and branding for all aspects of commercial fit-outs. We cover such items as furniture, lighting, decor, fixtures and fittings, through to detailed construction information for carpentry and other modified items. Through the creation of niche directory and architectural design manuals, we are able to provide an aesthetic ethos as well as physical construction information that can fulfill the requirement of a brand. We can even tailor the design so that customization appears whilst maintaining the brand and creating a unique image.

Architecture: Our architects and designers are not only restricted to just the architectural designs for the interiors but seek services providing modifications, extensions, and new development. If you want and you are looking to now progress into drawings, planning submissions, technical design ideas, and re-modeling concepts and finally the construction of your project – yes we can help you with that by providing you with ideas and solutions that you didn’t know you wanted.  Tell us about the space and what your goals are for the function of the building and let us come up with the solutions.

Interior Design: Our free listing includes architects and designers who are pro in designing commercial interiors for coffee shops, 3d modeling space, cafés, and dessert parlors with hundreds of built shops throughout the UK. We provide a complete one-stop-shop architectural design solution from concept to completion acting as a planning consultant, principal designer, and agent in addition to the traditional fit-out designer or architectural role. We can further integrate such items as structural re-designs, extensions, and even new build units into any proposal that allows us to maximize economic potential. Not only that our professionals can produce any level of detail required to achieve the final built scheme, inclusive of areas such as building regulations, production information and contract administration. If you hold an architectural design business in London then The Architect and design register is the best place to submit your website or add your business for free.

If you want to register with us, we have good news for you!

We provide 100% free listing facilities so you can submit your website or register on our web directory free of cost and also take up our premium packages.  If you choose to enjoy our services we can help you enhance the reach and visibility of your business.

 To find local architects in the UK, all you have to do is type in on the search bar about the services you need and the location, and you will be provided with a list of businesses that are the best options based on your requirements and locations. All of these are done within seconds, and just a few clicks! Sounds unbelievable? Well, give it a try. Along with that we have 100% original listing and have been a national favorite with top quality and easy to use interface that enables simple and optimized search results. If you are looking for architects in the UK, then The Architects and Design Register is your ideal destination.

Simply type in what you need be it affordable architects or customized architectural design for commercial or domestic properties in the UK; you can find everything on our platform. If you need any additional help or you are facing difficulties while finding suitable services at your location, you can call us anytime, and we will be happy to help you!