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One of the greatest cities of the world, London has an individuality of its own- the abundance of budget-friendly commercial and domestic spaces of all trends and tastes.

Certainly, London-based architectural services resolved with decades of experience in constructing loft conversions and extensions. We are experts in the field of cost control and innovation. Architects in London can have their niche architectural and design services registered with our countrywide architectural design services niche directory portal. The Architects and Design Register helps you fulfill your brand goals as a professional architect service provider, providing the very best architectural design in London. Some of the services are as follows:

Loft Conversions and Extensions

A low set roof is transformed into a fully functional room through a loft conversion. Our service boasts of a large set of satisfied customers.  We do also help you create loft conversions and extensions at a very affordable rate

A loft conversion is a common building practice fulfilled by the architects in London. This is done by altering the empty space of the roof and turning it into a house room. Everyone admires a little space in their house and converting a roof from an empty space with a pile of dust and cobweb into a guest room, children playroom or even an office not only gives you the opportunity to properly utilize the space but also cost effective since it’s a lot cheaper than making an extension. The first thing for loft conversion the architects in London needs to understand the structure of the existing house. Not every roof is convertible to a loft, but luckily, most of them are. So, you have to assess whether your roof can bear the weight of the loft. A structural survey is required by exposing the foundation.. Then the query arises what kind of loft you want or what would be the purpose of the loft because a lot of the architectural design work would be based on that.

Building Regulations Approval

With our professional and expert listing of architects in the industry, we ensure that our plans are always in compliance with the building regulations.

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