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Register to be amid the top Architects in Cardiff

Our architectural design in Cardiff is based on the historical, social and environmental context of site and circumstance, delivering practical, sustainable architecture.  We have professional architects in the UK on a range of public, private and commercial projects, each architect developed as a specific response to our clients, their requirements, and their setting.

Being responsible citizens of the UK, it is important to take care of the environment. Taking small steps for your business might make huge changes.

Reliable architects in Cardiff are not hard to find. If you are an agency to make changes in the industry by providing architectural designs in Cardiff at an affordable price, then worry no more.

If you have the willingness to provide impeccable architectural design services, then it is high time that you reach out to probable customers through a free listing. Register with The Architect and Design Register to enlist your business as a reliable organization in Cardiff.

Before undertaking a project our architects in Cardiff assess the history and context of the site and its surrounding. Our architects research about your local planning authority and corroborate what planning applications previous neighbouring properties have proposed, whether it was accepted or refused. We also establish where the property is based, if it is under a Conservation Area, a listed building, or in a flood risk zone. These characteristics will affect your planning application and additional documents may be required to accompany the proposal. However, such impediments will be discussed with clients appropriately. Our consultants at Architectural Designs in Cardiff will submit most applications online using the planning portal. However, for larger developments it may be necessary to prepare a written application with bound drawings and documents.

Full planning applications include:

  • All existing drawings of the property (floor plans, elevations, sections)
  • All proposed drawings (floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans)
  • A detailed Design and Access Statement (if required)
  • Heritage Statement, Flood Risk Assessment, Arboriculture Report etc (we will advise if these are required for your planning applications)
  • Site plan and block plan, Ordnance Survey Map
  • Application forms, Notification letters
  • Council Fee

You must be wondering how a registration with us might help you connect with your targeted customers.

Through our niche directory online listing you are guaranteed with the following benefits:

  • Stimulating your SEO reach
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The Architect and Design Register is one of the UK’s most trusted registers. We have been helping in the promotion of a huge number of businesses and their architectural design services online. We consider it as our duty to help businesses grow if we see potential in them. Our list has been chosen by many renowned agencies to build status for them.

To enjoy visibility, you would have to provide us with information such as:

  •         Name of your agency or individual name
  •         Experience
  •         Working Hours
  •         Price Preferences
  •         Services Provided
  •         We urge you to add other relevant information that might help your customers understand your services better. If you are an agency that also has architectural design in Cardiff, then do not forget to mention so.

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